Instrumentation, Software & Technical Support for the Scientific Community
Specializing in providing digital imaging systems and microscopy products. ISTech offers budget conscious software and hardware solutions for both materials and life sciences. Please see below for a detailed listing of products and services. For more information about ISTech's offerings, please contact ISTech.


- custom image analysis and processing software and hardware
- consultation and upgrades of existing imaging equipment
- on-site installation and training
Products and services:
- microscope sales
- scientific-grade digital microscope cameras
- imaging workstations
- LED illumination upgrades for optical systems
- on-site maintenance/repair of microscopes (SEM and optical) and associated peripherals


- mass spectrometer filament refurbishing
- filaments, ceramics, rhenium and tungsten wire, parts
- electron multipliers
- shutter assembly refurbishing services
Facilities include:
- sandblaster to remove all residues and contamination from metal and ceramics
- ultrasonic chemical bath cleaning
- precision spot welding


Company affiliations:
QImaging Inc., Analytical Technology Ltd., EOS Inc.,
Empix Imaging Inc., Detector Technology Inc.


For more information about ISTech's services, please contact:
Box 1134, Virgil, Ontario, CANADA L0S 1T0
ph. 647.932.3740
Tech Support: 905.599.0902
or email ISTech at