For aldehyde spill control. A granular material used for the cleanup of spilled aldehydes including any strength of formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde or OPA (ortho-phthalaldehyde). Poyform-F™ when applied to a spill will eliminate vapour generation in minutes forming an end product for safe non-hazardous disposal.

Sizes available and catalogue numbers
Shaker bottle: H-PFF-SB
Case (4 x 1 gallon jugs): H-PFF-CS

Formalex® "GREEN"

For 10% Formalin disposal. Formalex® "GREEN” is an eco-friendly formulation product used in a ratio to dispose of waste 10% formalin. After an overnight reaction using an 80/20 ratio, a liquid end product forms leaving no precipitate. A four hour reaction is possible with a 70/30 ratio. End product can be disposed of down the drain with running water for waste water treatement.*

An FRC-3 container may be used to make up the ratios without measuring. Simply fill to a line on a label. Put the top on, mix and leave it alone.

* End product has a BOD of zero, a sulphite level of less than detectable levels, a pH between 5.3 and 5.5, no precipitate and is classified as a "non-hazardous" product for disposal. These tests were done in part using the Flathead minnow 96 hour test by an independent third party Environmental Testing Company.

Sizes available and catalogue numbers
Cube (10 Litre): H-FORMG-CB
Drum (30 gallon): H-FORMG-30P*
Drum (55 gallon): H-FORMG-55P*

* 30 and 55 gallon drums are available, but not stocked. They can be added to the next available order from our supplier and brought in on request.

FRC-3G Container

A pre-labelled 10 Litre jug for easy disposal of 10% formalin using Formalex® "GREEEN". Simply add 10% formalin to the indicated line, then top it up with Formalex® "GREEN to the secondary line – an 80/20 ratio. After an overnight reaction, dump end product, rinse container and reuse container. A 70/30 ratio can also be done by adding the Formalex® "GREEEN" to the top of the label. This reaction will go to completion in about 4 hours. Dump, rinse and reuse container.

Catalogue number


Fan Pad GL™

For aldehyde spill control. Three sizes of pads area available which can be used to absorb, contain and convert spilled aldehydes to a non-hazardous end product thus eliminating hazardous vapours and the need for hazardous liquid disposal. Product works on 10% Formalin, glutaraldehyde or OPA.Product can be used for small spill wipe up, to line pathology specimen transport containers, to line bench / tray in pathology trimming area.

  • Mini Fan Pad is an 11˜x11˜sheet which absorbs and converts approx. 40 ml.

  • Small Fan Pad is a 7˜x10˜ diaper-like pad that absorbs and converts approx. 300 ml.

  • Large Fan Pad is a 10˜x20˜ diaper-like pad that absorbs and converts approx. 900 ml.

Sizes available and catalogue numbers
Case, Mini Fan Pad (6 rolls/case, 55 sheets/roll): H-FPM-CS
Case, Small Fan Pad (48 pads/case): H-FPS-CS
Case, Large Fan Pad (30 pads/case): H-FPL-CS


Used to reduce formalin & phenol vapours from large tissue & cadavers. For use in and on embalmed cadavers as well as on larger fixed tissue to remove free formalin and phenol. It can be used during dissection of fixed tissue as a dip or spray without perfusion, and it can be used as a secondary perfusion for embalmed cadavers to reduce formaldehyde and phenol levels to an acceptable level. For use, it is always diluted with water to a 5%-30% solution, depending on application. Resultant liquid after reaction with formalin is drain disposable. Product is available in a 10 Litre cube as a concentrate.

View the published paper "Post-Embalming Perfusion with INFUTRACE™ Limits the Exposure to Hazardous Vapours"

Size available and catalogue number
Cube (10 Litre): H-IFT-CB


A non-flammable and odourless xylene substitute. An odourless, non-flammable xylene substitute which can be used in staining dishes, removing immersion oil from slides prior to filing etc. It is NOT appropriate for tissue processing machines as it is too slow for dewaxing. SlideBrite™ may also be used in the plastination lab to clean up the plastination polymer either on surfaces, utensils or on the tissue itself PRIOR to polymerization completion. This product may NOT be appropriate for all types of polymers.

Note: 4-100ml of “Additive A” are included with a SlideBrite case for use in the disposal of SlideBrite.

Size available and catalogue number
Case (4 x 1 gallon jugs with additives): H-SB-CS


New GHS Labels. Workplace, 10% formalin and cytology labels of various kinds for use in the laboratory. Custom made labels are available upon request with a minimum volume required.

Labels available and catalogue numbers
10% Formalin (1000/roll): GHS-300
Workplace label, small (500/roll): GHS-12-R
Workplace label, medium (500/roll): GHS-23-R
Workplace label, large (500/roll): GHS-34-R
Cytology Fixative (1000/roll): GHS-CYTO-300
95% Ethanol (1000/roll): GHS-ETH-95
50% Ethanol (1000/roll): GHS-ETH-50

For more details on label options, please email info@jonesscientific.com. We can provide a PDF for reference.